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  • One of the largest, vertically integrated national healthcare providers

  • Perform an assessment of key supply chain practices; including receiving, process workflows and inventory management practices

  • Improve material services procedures throughout all medical facilities

  • Identify consolidation opportunities to eliminate duplicate efforts

  • Establish best-practice purchasing and inventory management methodologies



  • Redundancy in receiving procedures

  • Non-standard practices

  • Lack of internal awareness of inventory level requirements

  • Excessive staffing

  • Costly outsourced inventory handling



  • Implemented flex staffing to improve productivity and instituted continuous improvement practices

  • Converted the top 50 inventory items to the internal Distribution Center and eliminated outsourcing expenses

  • Refined the Open-To-Buy purchasing process

  • Reduced carton touch points and manual data entry to increase productivity at receiving facilities

  • Established Centers Of Excellence at key receiving facilities to serve as exemplary training resources, which exercise and communicate best practices, innovation, and continuous improvement

  • Implemented a defined attrition strategy to right-size staffing levels within the material services groups of local medical facilities



  • $10M in first-year savings were identified in the receiving and inventory management areas. 

  • Streamlined processes

  • Increased efficiency and utilization

  • Optimized inventory management

  • Improved purchasing processes

  • Standardized procedures

  • Reduced non-productive inventory

  • Reduced unnecessary duplicate efforts and overall labor spend

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