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  • A top five national cable company asked Cavallino to assist in assessing the strategy, process and infrastructure of its Supply Chain

  • Identify and achieve supply chain cost reductions

  • Standardize & increase control through improved visibility, reporting & compliance

  • Optimize key transportation activities including freight expense and fleet management

  • Right-size inventory levels and improve forecasting accuracy



  • Supply chain operating model results in increased labor, facility, and inventory carrying costs while not fully supporting customer experience requirements

  • Lack of standardized processes, increased operating costs

  • Lack of end-to-end responsibility, visibility, and control of supply chain performance

  • Current design has multiple hand-offs and touch-points

  • Organizational structure is siloed, inconsistent and not well understood

  • High number of non-standard operating locations drive cost & service

  • Multiple non-integrated systems contribute to significant rework and data integrity



  • Developed a current state assessment of key supply chain activities

  • Strategic initiative roadmap to close gaps and increase maturity level

  • Redesigned the supply chain organization, provided staff augmentation in procurement, reduced obsolete inventory, collected freight overcharges from suppliers, optimized the distribution network and created a new supply chain strategy for the organization

  • Implemented best practice supply chain processes, optimized workflows and improved resource utilization  



  • Centralized the supply chain function: $300M

  • Inventory Optimization:  $66M

  • Freight Optimization: $8M

  • Fleet Optimization: $43M

  • Tactical Improvements: $77M

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