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Our service offerings are designed to target the unique value drivers of your industry.  We strive to be flexible in our approach, but focused and consistent with our results.  We are not a hammer looking for a nail, trying to deliver an inflexible solution in an obviously dynamic business environment.  After all, what good is a solution that doesn’t address a pressing problem, or can’t be implemented?


And once the proper solution is in place, you want it to stay in place.  Our hands-on implementation approach, combined with our experienced practitioners, ensures that the knowledge is transferred to your organization and that time to value is accelerated.



How can we help?

To discuss how our team can help your business identify the problem, recommend a solution and achieve sustainable results, call us at

415-890-2074 or please

Cavallino Capital specializes in unique transactions that typically fall outside of competitive auction process, employing a proactive approach to identify superior investment opportunities that fall within our strength.  An assessment alone has never improved a company’s performance.  Cavallino can provide the influx of necessary capital, fill gaps in your management structure, and bring in a team of advisory service professionals to change course and return to profitability.  One of Cavallino’s competitive advantages is a deep industry expertise that enables our firm to identify attractive acquisitions and increase value through operational improvements.



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