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Our service offerings are designed to target the unique value drivers of your industry.  We strive to be flexible in our approach, but focused and consistent with our results.  We are not a hammer looking for a nail, trying to deliver an inflexible solution in an obviously dynamic business environment.  After all, what good is a solution that doesn’t address a pressing problem, or can’t be implemented?

And once the proper solution is in place, you want it to stay in place.  Our hands-on implementation approach, combined with our experienced practitioners, ensures that the knowledge is transferred to your organization and that time to value is accelerated.

Insightful, on-point guidance and mentoring to your leadership and management team ensures successful knowledge transfer and sustainability of results.

Our senior level resources’ vast industry experience and varied backgrounds provides us with unique capabilities to address your most pressing issues.

Cavallino understands the challenge of supply chain complexity. Our team of professionals are equipped to apply comprehensive industry expertise in areas such as, inventory management, fulfillment, distribution, transportation and overall strategy. 


Leveraging our world class P2P tools, the Cavallino team follows a four step procurement process to deliver sustainable results through lower procurement costs and improved efficiencies. 




All of our solutions deliver an accelerated time to value, as well as a significant return on your investment in us.

We provide experienced professionals who can hit the ground running to help you achieve business goals quickly and cost effectively. We can fulfill a diverse array of staffing requirements with skilled personnel equipped to perform roles across all levels of your organization. 

In order to realize success, key leadership must have an accurate strategic focus and tactical implementation that is clearly understood. Our team provides advisory services to analyze and solve performance challenges and growth opportunities. 


Whether you are seeking growth and competitive advantage through acquisitions, have a merger on the horizon, or need assistance with your overall M&A strategy, Cavallino has the interdisciplinary professionals to help. 

Our transportation overcharge recovery audit (TORA) is a unique Cavallino innovation that turns a critical eye toward purchase order compliance for Pre Paid & Add freight. The audit features assessment, intervention and correction resulting in significant recovery and savings. 


View All Client Results

View All Client Results

Learn more by reading selected case studies

Supply Chain Optimization

Supply Chain Optimization

Optimized supply chain for health care institution

Procurement Optimization

Procurement Optimization

$465 million in savings for this cable provider

Transportation Management

Transportation Management

Saved $35 million for a healthcare institution

Private Equity Turnaround

Private Equity Turnaround

Led $26 million financing round for fashion eCommerce site

How can we help?

To discuss how our team can help your business identify the problem, recommend a solution and achieve sustainable results, call us at

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