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  • Startup eCommerce innovator in women’s luxury fashion

  • Optimize business strategy, processes and infrastructure for scale

  • Develop a gap analysis to help understand how current operations practices and structure may introduce operational risk

  • Perform a Current Situation Assessment (CSA) to identify risks that could negatively impact the realization of the business plan.

  • Build an implementation plan for mitigation strategies



  • Weak leadership cohesion

  • Connecting and resolving customer issues

  • Low quality website experience

  • High inventory stock

  • Leaders’ lack of retail experience

  • Poorly developed technology architecture

  • No clear delineation of responsibilities & accountability

  • Resolving operational challenges

  • Systems and integrations inefficient



  • Filled open CEO position with Cavallino executive

  • Re-designed current organizational structure to facilitate up to 25% SG&A reduction

  • Re-Configured warehouse to improve accuracy and efficiency

  • Structured an EPMO process to help prioritize and provide visibility into all tech development

  • Instituted Open to Buy process for merchandising group purchasing allocations

  • Developed new business strategy to achieve growth

  • Led initiatives for next round of financing

  • Implemented daily stand up meeting for increased collaboration and communication

  • Conducted current situation and risk assessment

  • Stabilized company through management change

  • Instituted reporting and accountability for functional areas



  • Developed mitigation strategies that cover each critical area of risk

  • Developed quick hits that focused efforts and resources on the key risk areas

  • Focused each project on the core processes within the business and areas of highest risk

  • Identified critical issues and improvement opportunities within the organization

  • Best Practice knowledge transfer

  • Raised $26M+ in next round of financing

  • Largest sales in company history

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