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  • Market leader in technology protection services

  • Plans to offer premium technical support to mobile devices

  • Plans to pursue a premium technical support offering to users of in-home electronic devices, such as PCs, flat panel TVs, home theaters, home-based consumer electronics and landline telephones 

  • Size the opportunity and estimate market share as a bundled service offering



  • Current market conditions unknown

  • Distribution models of existing premium technical support offerings were unknown

  • Lack of an existing technology partner to scale to support the rollout of a premium support offering



  • Identified cable and broadband provider target market

  • Performed competitive market analysis

  • Built contingencies into contractual arrangements regarding incentives for provider offer conversions

  • Performed market testing on standalone tech support

  • Developed displacement or acquisition strategy for existing provider tech support partners

  • Structured a three-year rollout and ramping plan

  • Identified technical support platform candidates

  • Performed due diligence to validate viability and fit of the technical support platform provider  



  • 5 yr revenue opportunity:  $1.3B

  • 5 yr margin contribution:  $500M

  • Strengthened service offerings to mobile, cable and broadband users

  • Increased potential penetration rate

  • Established Enterprise-wide strategic plan for program roll-out

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